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24 Dec 2014 - Site Reskin and status update

It has been almost two years since I've done any work on this site. Between my borderline health and the variety of other projects I've been working on the site has been on the back burner for far, far too long.

Site Redesign in progress

First as you can likely tell is I reskinned the site. I'm not entirely wild about the "Noctua" browns, but the joke overly bright blue and needlessly dark green before it were never really "serious" designs. If anything that bright blue -- which laughably was DARKER than these browns -- was a kneejerk overreaction to people's complaints about the "retrocomputing green". I've also gone through and written an all new responsive layout handler using more modern techniques that should be a better showcase for all those things I keep talking about on web development forums like accessible design, semi-fluid elastic responsive layouts, and so forth.

Second I'm going to be adding Disqus to the news article/blog pages and a few select subpages. I'm not 100% happy with how big the scripting for it is (I suspect if I bothered I could do it in a quarter the code or less) but it's functional enough and of all the choices out there seems the least crappy. Not exactly high praise, but what can one expect with scripttardery. Likewise some social media links (probably just FB and G+) will be added as several projects are going to be approaching completion soon and it might help get things into the hands of interested parties. I figure I'll be implementing it this weekend (aka after Christmas).

More DOS games coming soon.

I'm going to start writing up progress reports on updates to my DOS game engine, which will first be used on an all new version of Paku Paku. There are three other games currently in development but since i'm using an all new codebase for audio and video I figured first I'd stick with a known quantity on gameplay and game logic. So stay tuned for updates on that.

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This site was created by Jason M. Knight, a retired software engineer with nearly four decades experience in electronics, software development, and graphic arts - not to mention a wide range of hobbies including Saxophone, EWI, programming, carving, drawing, and just being a general pain in the ass on web development forums ripping new holes for the nimrods who think HTML 5, JQuery or Dreamweaver are actually good things.

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Featuring articles, tutorials, and rants about web development. The focus of the site on minimalist semantic markup, separation of presentation from content, graceful degradation, and accessible design.


A small lightweight JavaScript library designed to promote good practices without becoming a bloated mess like most of the "frameworks" out there. Simplifies common cross-browser tasks, aids in navigating and manipulating the DOM, and polyfills bits of ECMAScript 5 that are not to be found in any version of IE.


An informational website about the Akai EWI - Electronic Wind Instrument.