Madness and You, Perfect together!

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Keyboard Controls

Player Movement
TIP - Generally you are best off pressing the movement key BEFORE you reach the corner.
O Toggle Sound On/Off
J Recalibrate Joystick
Only works when joystic is enabled from the command line with /joy
Start Game at menu
ESC Exit Game to Menu
Exit Program from Menu

Command Line Options

All command line options are case insensitive... for those of you who keep asking even after that sentence, that means uppercase or lowercase doesn't matter! (sheesh, I worry about the state of education these days... Oh, and get off my lawn!)

/safe Do not reprogram CRTC on EGA/VGA. Better compatibility on oddball hardware, but has some issues like even numbered columns being 1px wider than odd numbered on VGA, or the aspect ratio being off on the EGA.
/speaker Force PC Speaker sound
/tandySound Force Tandy/PCJr sound
/adlib Force Adlib/Sound Blaster
/cms Force CMS/Game Blaster sound
On CMS/Game Blaster cards you may append a base address thus:
/cms:220 Value in hex, valid range:
220 is the default.
Force Roland MT-32 MIDI
Force General MIDI
Force Custom MIDI
MIDI device should support 24 semitone pitch bender range or allow setting via RPN
Which Microsoft GS WaveTable does not support...

Midi devices also accept base addresses:
Value in hex, valid range:
330 is the default.
/joy Enable Joystick Support
Joystick support can cause crashes/slowdowns/other issues with certain incompatible joystick interfaces... or if you don't have the joystick actually plugged in.
/debug Pauses on startup to show startup messages and configuration info.
/? or /help Displays this help information

*** NOTE *** Forcing hardware settings that are not present or properly configured can crash your machine. Be sure you know what you are doing before you start playing with values.

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